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Rowen Miller  Digital Portfolio

I suppose all art is a reflection of how the artist sees the world. If there is any "goal" associated with art - beyond the simple act of creation - mine is to help people see the particular world I have seen, not only through my eyes, but through my heart.


I want people to see and feel the essence of my subjects, to be able to look at things in their raw, truthful state and still see the magic there.

My favorite subjects have always been the sad, tossed away, abandoned and rejected. If I can get people to see the allure in my subjects and settings, perhaps they can begin to see the unseen beauty in their fellow human beings - those that don't fit the norm or don't align with the modern standards of beauty. 


Art, at its best, evokes emotion. I want to transport, to engage, to make people feel. When you reach people at the level of raw emotion, it has a tendency to open the doors and the windows of the heart, helping people to relate to the world around them in a different way. 

People tell me all the time: "I love that piece." They can't tell me why they love it, but it is reaching them on a level they cannot access or understand.


Art not only connects people to the world around them but to pieces of the world inside them they have lost touch with.


That is the place I want to take people.

“I want to touch people with my art.  I want them to say: he feels deeply, he feels tenderly.”


Vincent Van Gogh

Come on by.  We'll drink coffee, do some art, tell a tale and a lie (or  two). 

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